Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saya, 2100 Block of Roscoe St, Chicago, IL

Saya rides a Locomotief Populair Linea that was a gift from her boyfriend after a trip to Amsterdam.
My mother was a non-conformist in many ways, especially when it came to material items - no microwave, answering machine, tupperware, vacuum cleaner, toaster, TV, couch, car - this last item meant I came to be known in Evanston as "the girl in the buggy," as my mother rode her bike everywhere, with a black buggy attached to the back, in which I sat, very recognizable with my uncombed biracial-afro hair and mismatched handmade clothes.  I've definitely followed in her independent, bohemian, entrepreneurial ways... she hasn't had a 9-5 job in 30+ years; an example of her unusual jobs, she used to ride us up the North Shore bicycle path to collect wildflowers which she'd then dry, press, put in frames and sell at craft fairs; I'm continuing the tradition of finding ways to make a living doing what one loves, with my Mac 'n Cheese Minglers and Fear Experiment - helping others make connections via unique and fun ways!


  1. I would LOVE to see more male bikers on this blog, but all of these women look so fabbity fab fab! Just wanted to let you know I bought my first bike since being a pre-teen this week and it's your blogs fault! lol


  2. Nice! looking good saya. what a fun idea for a website... great job Martha.

  3. Hey there Saya - that is a great-looking bike with a great-looking rider. Your mom sounds like a rather awesome woman!

  4. Thanks all, very nice of you to say!!

    And yes, Martha does rock, doesn't she?!

  5. That is quite a lifestyle! Love how your mom isn't tied down by material things. Bohemian does describe it! Thanks for sharing.