Monday, March 5, 2012

Chicago Bike Winter Fashion show photos

Last weekend I had a blast working with Holly Rhode of the impeccable vintage clothing site, Hair and Make up artist Christopher Conner, and these fine cycling ladies:  Liz, Dottie, Ash, Lisa, and Kim.  We worked on some photos to publicize the upcoming Bike Winter Fashion Show, and thanks to all of these ladies (and one gentleman),  I think they turned out great!

You might recognize Dottie from her blog Lets Go Ride a Bike, or from one of my photos here.   Both Liz and Kim are involved with West Town Bikes the non-profit community bike shop that focuses on under-served populations and youth programing.  Ash organizes the group rides Chicago Kidical Mass and Critical Lass, and has a blog about family cycling called One Less Mini Van.  Lisa is very involved in the cycling community and I randomly photographed her and family here.    What a great group of ladies to represent the cycling community. 

Thanks to Boulevard Bikes for lending us all of these amazing bicycles for the photo shoot.

To RSVP to the event go the the facebook invite here

P.S. Of course I couldn't leave Holly's without picking on some funky vintage duds.  Check out the amazing graphic print dress I bought. It fits perfectly!  I'll have to post a photo of dress + bike very soon.

 Liz of West Town Bikes on an orange Hot Rod bike from Boulevard Bikes.

Dottie of Lets Go Ride a Bike on a blue Pashley Princess from Boulevard Bikes.

Ash on a olive green Handsom Cycles she-devil mixte from Boulevard Bikes.
Lisa on a blue Pashley Princess from Boulevard Bikes

Kim of West Town Bikes on a olive green Handsom Cycles she-devil mixte from Boulevard Bikes.


  1. These portraits are fabulous, Martha! So much personality. :)

  2. Everyone looks fabulous and present as perfect bike spokeswomen!

  3. Beautiful ladies & bicycles!


  4. Late to the party but such awesomeness should remain for the ages ; )

  5. Wow... Those bikes are truly handsome.