Road Bikes

Amanda, N. Hoyne Ave., Chicago, IL
Amanda rides a rebuilt, mid 80's, single speed, 430 St. Tropez.  It has bullhorn handlebars flipped and cut for an upright position.
Cycling Tip From Amanda: invest in a couple of good smartWool socks.  You can pretty much wear all types of shoes and keep those toes warm.

Margot, Division and Ashland, Chicago, IL
Margot rides a late 80's Peugot road bike which she has been riding since 2005. Despite the frankenstein mess of parts and upgrades, and all of the miles, she still rides like a charm.
Cycling Tip from Margot:  I gravitate towards brightly colored details on my ride, like yellow handlebar tape, because I think it makes cars see me better. Also, I'm a layering freak to beat the chill. Two pairs of tights and smartwools seem to do the trick so I can still wear a dress!

**Margot comes by her cute style honest.  Check out her design site:

Kara, Humboldt Park Blvd. and Armitage Ave., Chicago, IL
Kara rides a Windsor Clockwork road bike with flop+chop bullhorns.
Cycling Tip: It's hard to feel feminine in cycling gear during winter. It's all in the details! A fun scarf or a nice pair of mittens make all the difference on those bundled days.

Nina, Elston and California, Chicago, IL
Nina Rides a Schwinn Traveler circa 1986, nicknamed The Little Mint Monster

I had to include this image because it reminds me of an old Atget store front photo.

Cycling Tip from Nina: Keep a close eye on your tire pressure when the temperatures are this low. It's much easier to lose air when temperatures are below freezing. And low tire pressure = flats! 

Brittany, Lincoln and Southport, Chicago, IL
Brittany rides an ice blue Motobecane Mirage Road Bike.

Cycling Tip from Brittany:  Wear leggings - more pairs in winter, 
less in summer– they make riding more enjoyable!

Heather, Chicago Ave. and Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL
Heather Rides a Surly Cross-Check Road Bike.

Cycling Tip from Heather: Don't be afraid of the cold.  
Throw on lots of wool and get riding.

Julie D., Jackson St. at 90/94, Chicago, IL
Julie rides a 2007 Raleigh Rush Hour road bike.
Julie's Cycling Tip:  Get some snow tires, fenders and proper clothing to stay warm:  
ride all winter long.  The roads aren't as bad as you might think. 
** Another tip from Julie:  Check out this amazing local charitable organization

Shay, Sacramento and Diversey, Chicago, IL
Shay rides a Single speed early 70's Peugeot road bike she calls Claudette.
Cycling Tip from Shay: Get to know the folks at your local bike shop.  It's especially nice if the shop offers a ladies' night like West Town Bikes.  It's so great to be able to go in and work on my bike with a bunch of awesome women to help and give advice. 

Martha of Bike Fancy, West Town, Chicago, IL

With snow on the ground, cycling has become a much messier endeavor.  I'm preaching the gospel of thick wool socks to anyone that will listen.  I've got some new cold weather running tights that are a nice back up for my wool long johns and a little sleeker.  (I've got some "wet" leggings layered over).  I'm hoping for some real winter boots for christmas, in the meantime, I'll keep ruining my vintage boots from ebay.  

*** I'm running low on my reserve of photos, so tell all of your cycling friends I want to take their picture!  Email me at:  
I will also be stalking the bike lanes, so look fancy ; )

Amelia, Wellington and Lincoln, Chicago, IL
Amelia rides a Schwinn LeTour that she painted purple,  and changed out  parts on.
Cycling Tip from Amelia: don't be discouraged by the cold or snow. Get a cheap 
mountain bike and some good protection for your limbs and you're good to go! 
It can actually be more peaceful than biking in the summer if you're well prepared 
with warm clothing. 

Kristie, Smith Park, Chicago, IL
Kristie rides a 1986 Cannondale ST400, purchased from Working Bikes.  She loves it's red color!
Cycling Tip from Kristie:  Make sure you have lights on your bike for riding at night, especially now that the daylight hours are so short.

Kellie, N Broadway, Uptown, Chicago, IL
Kellie rides a Jamis Coda Sport hybrid road bike, covered in stickers.
Cycling tip from Kellie:  Be in tune with the oncoming season, always keep a plastic bag handy to keep your seat dry in rain or snow.  This has the added benefit of making your bike look junky, hopefully making it less attractive to evil, evil bike thieves!!!

Julie H., Congress and State, Chicago, IL
Julie Rides a Redline Conquest 24 road bike
Cycling Tip: Biking can be for recreation and transportation.  It means something different for each person who gets on the saddle, so it's easy to make it work for you.

Rebecca, N Clark, Chicago, IL
Rebecca from Active Trans rides a cotton candy blue 2010 Jamis Satellite road bike from Roscoe Village Bikes.
Winter Cycling Tip from Rebecca: Leg warmers will change your life (again - if you are a child of the 80s)

Clinton St. Chicago, IL.
Clinton St. Chicago, IL. November 2010

Kellie, Lakeview, Chicago, IL
Kelly rides an Origin 8 single speed for her casual rides around the city.
Cycling Tip from Kelly:  Braiding my hair when its fresh from the shower makes it fit nicely under my helmet. As the day passes, my hair dries and I have an awesome wave when i undo the braid. Come time to put the helmet on again, braid it up. It keeps it knot-free and provides body for when off the bike.

Kristine, East Randolph, Chicago, IL

Kristine rides a Gravity Avenue B Road Bike
Cycling Tip from Kristine:  I love wrapping long scarves many times around my neck to help shield from the cold.  And it's a playful way of adding color and style while riding. Especially with a red one and pretending to be the Red Baron!

Nicole, Wabash and Jackson, Chicago, IL
Nicole at Wabash and Jackson with her Schwinn World Sport from Working Bikes Coop
So I had to ask Nicole how she biked in such wide legged pants.  Tip of the day: Just roll them up and secure with a regular office binder clip!