Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Emily, S State St & W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL

Emily rides a Raleigh Carlton road bike from a Nearly New Bike Shop 
What are you wearing?  My roomie's black princess-sleeve shirt and thrifted Bloomingdales wool pants.
Where are you going? Visiting my friend at Merz's Apothecary after an interview at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum (I got the job! It must have been my fancy pants...)
Tell me about your bike and where you got it: I ride a 
Restored Raleigh Carlton from Nearly New Bike Shop
Why ride? Good for da soul, body and da earth. 
Favorite ride? Day trip to Three Floyds in Munster, IN.
While riding you …? Sing and whistle. 
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? Death to the car!!!! Or more realistic alternatives include: fill in potholes, offer bike fix-it stands, enlarge existing bike lanes and add more bike paths (hellooooo, Bloomingdale Trail!). Also, educate drivers about bike safety! I think all Chicago drivers should be required to pass a bike safety test before hittin' the road.
And other tips? A tip for all you ladyz and fellas out there: helmets are sexxxxy! Honestly, you look like a damn fool if your don't wear one. Protect your noggin!


  1. ironically she is not wearing a helmet in this photo. still very lovely..

  2. Shame that Emily doesn't appear to be following her own tip! I don't mind either way, each to their own, but it's a funny thing say given the photo. :-)

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  4. That is my fault. I caught her locking up her bike and just had her hop on for a second. Sorry Emily!

  5. Great to see someone who appreciates and rides a vintage Raleigh Carlton bicycle!

  6. Hey Anon, Check out the link to the old advertising image I dug up, super stylie. I'm starting to realize that the "Utility Bike" of Chicago is a used steel-framed road bike from the 70s or 80s. They are affordable and EVERYWHERE.

  7. Thanks, I enjoyed the link, Martha. Hoping to get an overhaul started on a red/white 75 Raleigh Super Course Mark 11 mixte this year. Chicago is a great locale for vintage rides. Thanks for your fun and always interesting blog and cyclists!

  8. Congratz 4 the new job...!!! She looks very sexy and beautiful without the helmet she maybe ruin her hair, waering one so.... does it matter?

  9. this illustrates perfectly that you can bike and look professional (although personally i wouldn't wear wool pants in this heat). i am envious that her bangs stayed sweat-free!

  10. What kind of helmet is sexy ?? What helmet does she wear ?? (i like the blog, keep it on)

  11. I'll have to ask Emily what kind of helmet she wears Seb Tru and get back to you : )

    1. Thanks (even some other brands because we don't have a lot of choice here in France) Have a good week end.