Taryn, N. Fairfield Ave., Chicago, IL
Taryn rides a Vintage Gazelle Populair Dutch Style Step-through.
Cycling Tip from Taryn: Not everyone has a fast bike or wants to ride like Lance Armstrong, so have some patience for those of us on the commuter bikes or cruisers who might just be enjoying the ride.

Amy, Honore St and Wicker Park Ave, Chicago, IL
Amy rides a Gary Fisher Simple City 3 step-through in aqua.

 Amy started biking when her and her boyfriend (now husband) would go on bike dates together. It is still their favorite way to go out.

Check out Amy's blog Two Pitties in the city 

Anne, N Hermitage Ave, Chicago, IL
Anne rides a Pashley Princess Sovereign with a locally made  Po Campo bag on the back. 
I had to ask Anne about her Adorable Tweed Jacket, seriously check out the pocket detail.  She said: "A friend of mine found the jacket at a thrift store and I got it through a clothing swap! Tweed is so great for riding."
Cycling Tip from Anne: I just found a great solution for keeping my feet warm - they aren't all that stylish, but I just got a pair of Neos over shoes. They fit over top of whatever shoes I'm wearing and keep my toes so warm (even with only 1 pair of Smartwool socks!). I've been really happy with them when I ride 5 miles downtown on really cold days!

Christy, Jackson and Clinton, Chicago, IL
Christy rides a KHS aluminum frame 8-speed for upright riding with maximum versatility and minimum weight
I ran into (okay stalked is a better term) Christy on her way to a meeting in the Sears
Tower.  Don't let the sun deceive you, it was a nippy 29˚.  I'm so glad I did, because
she is such an inspiration.  Read her story below: 

After I herniated two cervical discs in summer 2010 my physical therapist basically said
'Get a bike that puts your body upright, or never bike again.' Suffice it to say, I bought a
new bike. It was a tough transition, because I go a whole lot slower now than on my old
Bianchi hybrid, but I've come to appreciate the slow ride and the improvement in my
symptoms. For that I have to thank my KHS Cidi 8-speed, plus the guys at Boulevard 
Bikes who helped me to find exactly the right model for my riding style and recent
physical challenges.

Thanks for sharing Christy!

Ash, 1300 block of Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL

Ashley was photographed in front of a mural painted by Drew Griffith and Dustin Ruegger
curated by the Johalla Project

This Batavus is my  footloose and fancy-free bike. Though it maxes out at about 12MPH it is a speed machine next to my kid hauler extraordinaire, my Madsen KG271. Most of my commutes involve demands to use the potty, flailing limbs and sticky three year old fingers so getting out to ride solo on the open bike lane on my Dutch bike is a truly transcendental experience. All of life's problems melt away on two wheels."

Martha, Pierce Ave and Damen Ave, Chicago IL
Martha rides an WorkCycles Oma, first experienced in Amsterdam, purchased at Dutch Bike Chicago
 Martha Says: "Recently, I found a picture of myself from around 1982, joyfully riding my new silver Schwinn 10-speed (and wearing really, really embarrassing multicolored suspenders).  Part of my spine is fused now, so there is no way I would fit on that Schwinn, but when I am out with Oma, I get to be that girl again.  Without the suspenders."

Samantha, North Ave. and Oakley St., Chicago, IL
Samantha rides a WorkCycles Oma from The Dutch Bike Co. on Armitage

Cycling Tip from Samantha: Wear windproof/waterproof gloves or mittens for winter riding, and always carry a bungee cord. Always. They're more useful to carry around than possibly even an allen wrench. 

** check out Samantha's cycling blog  Ding Ding Let's Ride

Dottie, Chicago Lakepath
Dottie of letsgorideabike.com with her Workcycles Azor Oma from Dutch Bike Co. Chicago
Cycling Tip from Dottie: Don't let anyone, from honking SUV drivers to condescending bike shop employees, dissuade you from riding a bike.

Janet, Lakeview, Chicago, IL.
Janet in Lakeview, Chicago, IL. October 2010

Tiffeny, Lincoln Square, Chicago, IL
Tiffeny in Lincoln Square on her vintage Triumph named Oliver J from Nottingham, England.
Cycling tip from Tiffeny: If you’re always going from point A to point B, change your route.  That is the best part about riding your bike in this city is the freedom! Not only can you change the scenery but you can find a bunch of Chicago’s hidden treasures that way.