Monday, October 1, 2012

Lizzie, N State St & E Wacker Dr, Chicago, IL

I am very excited to have time again to work on Bike Fancy. I had to take the month of September off from blogging but I am back, so please check back and comment often!


What are you wearing?  The dress I've had for at least 5 years, it comes from a company called Sweetskins, which does organic cotton clothing. The shoes are Fluevog. I started stalking the sales page when I saw some super cute Fluevogs in the "Thought You Knew" bike calendar.
Make/model color of your bike, and where you got it? It's a Trek which I inherited after an old housemate left it in the basement after she moved out. After 5 years of languishing there I fished her out, fixed her up, and claimed her for my own.
Where are you going? A dive bar!
Why ride? I'm not super patient and I love the constant motion. I've never owned a car, and it's often faster and with less waiting around than the CTA.
Favorite ride? Lakefront path.
While riding you …? If I'm on the lakefront trail I listen to music and sing and dance. If I'm street biking I've got my helmet on, my ears open, and if there's heavy traffic I'm usually muttering "please don't kill me" under my breath.
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or be more bike friendly? More protected bike lanes and/or lanes with fewer potholes. I got the opportunity to go all over Stockholm last summer on my bike and they have miles and miles of protected lanes, it was glorious.
And other cool, funny tips or stories? I started biking more (and heard about Bike Fancy) because of my bff Kellie, who you photographed back in 2010!


  1. Well, we've missed you dearly! So take that:)!

  2. You were missed, even from all the way in Australia!

  3. You look gorgeous riding in your bike wearing that dress. I love it.

    Jacob of biking Philippines