Friday, April 29, 2011

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Samantha, W 37th St & S Iron St, Chicago, IL

What are you wearing? My dad's old leather jacket. It's great for biking
Tell me about your bike.  It is a Turquoise Fuji Absolute mixte that I got from Working Bikes
Where are you going? Headed back to Hyde Park.  I am leaving the MDW art fair.  It was fantastic! 
Why ride? Because it makes me happy.
Favorite ride? I love biking along the lake in Hyde Park
While riding you …?  Eat sunflower seeds and sing out loud.

Monday, April 25, 2011

My, 3600 Block of S Iron St, Chicago, IL

My rides a "no name" bike purchased off ebay to prevent bike theft.
So whats with the no name bike?  This is my 5th replacement bike since 2006, so I was hoping that thieves would bypass the no name, which they have.
Where are you going? Into the sunset.
Why ride? Because it's a great way to relive my youth over and over again.
Favorite ride? Flying down Green Bay Road en route to and from the Chicago Botanical Gardens.
While riding you …? Sing to myself. Song of choice, "The Benefits of Mr. Kite"
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? Awareness and mutual respect of all those commuting. Bike lanes are pretty key, especially bike lanes without double-parked cabs, pedestrians, and segways.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Claire and Ripley the dog, W Altgeld St & N Richmond St, Chicago, IL

Claire rides a trike that was a surprise present from her friends.

Where did you get your bike?  It's a super great trike.  My friends surprised me with this amazingness last summer.
Where are you going? Takin' the monkey beast for a jaunt around the neighborhood
Why ride? I can take Ripley so much farther and at his speed.. also, I hate that I have to drive everywhere.. (I have a disability that prevents me walking everywhere..)
While riding you …? I smile a shit ton. I probably look like an idiot I am smiling so much, and I'm a-ok with that.
 Anything this else you want to say?   Thanks for the love and generosity of friends. Blowing my mind all the time, you know who you are.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Logan Square Circle, Chicago, IL

                                I ran into this guy dropping off his roomates dog.  Dog taxi?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Kathy with Suzy Schnauzer, Webester and Racine, Chicago, IL

Kathy Schubert  and Suzy Schnauzer

Wait, is your dog wearing a helmet!  I ride with Suzy wearing her helmet to make that point that "anybody who rides on a bike should wear a helmet" 
What are you wearing?   Chicago Cycling Club windbreaker
Make/model color of your bike, and where did you get it?  Bike Friday  World Tourist - picked it up at the factory in Eugene.
Where are you going? - everywhere on my bike.
Why ride?  best way to get around in Chicago and it's my only exercise
Favorite ride?  RAGBRAI - Register's Annual Great Bike Ride across Iowa
While riding you …?   chat with other people on bikes, look for potholes, doors opening, cars pulling out
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly?  More bike parking.  Get drivers to respect bike lanes, no matter how many

Monday, April 18, 2011

PET WEEK at Bike Fancy!

In honor of my dog's adoption day, it is pet week at Bike Fancy.  This week is completely devoted to cyclists riding with their pet(s).  So far, I've only found dogs and their owners, but please let me know if you know anyone that bikes with other pets.  

I've been scouring craigslist in the hopes of finding an affordable 50 lbs. + dog carrier for my pup by the end of the week.  Please let me know if you hear of one out there for sale.  We've got lots of dog beach trips planned.  

Friday, April 15, 2011

Kim, N California Ave & W Medill Ave, Chicago, IL

Kim rides a lugged Miyata frame converted to fixed gear for easy cleaning and upkeep in the winter
Tell me more about your bike:  This is my winter-weather bike I got from Pete Rangel.  He does awesome prints that you should check out here:  Cool art by Pete Rangel.
Why ride? I ride because I feel I'm actually living - experiencing what is around me instead of being cut off from the sights, sounds, and smells of Chicago (for better or worse). I sometimes drive a car in the city, but biking is much faster. It keeps me in shape so I can keep eating... I love eating.

So I hear you work at West Town Bikes, tell me about that: I teach the Womens/Trans Night at West Town Bikes and see Chicagoans from all walks of life come in with bikes of all shapes and sizes. Anyone can do it, and everyone should, because once you start you realize it's easier and less messy than you think. At the end of the day, it's about you, your bike, and your time spent living in this city. Even one day a week on a bike will change someone's whole perspective, and show them things they never would notice. I help run the Bike Commuter Campaign for Active Trans (through July). I encourage everyone (suburbs especially) to check out this year's commuter pit stops and register as a Team Leader.

Do you have a favorite ride? In Minneapolis, where I moved from three years ago, there is one stretch of bike path that goes for miles and miles. In the springtime, one curve of the path has tons of blossoming trees that surround you, and it's always my dream ride. In Chicago, I like taking Hubbard to and from downtown. It's quiet and the city has repaved parts of it. You can relax and go at your own pace.

While riding you … watch every single door and pedestrian in my line. Sometimes I sing Britney Spears or Kelly Clarkson... if the weather is nice out and I feel inspired. 

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? Education and upholding the laws that protect cyclists is key. The work of the Active Transportation Alliance is instrumental in giving cyclists and pedestrians a stronger voice. Ideally, I would like to see more off-street bike paths, not for recreation, but for getting around this city without as much interaction with cars and pedestrians. I miss the Greenway in Minneapolis and the other pathways for that reason.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sara, N California Ave & W Altgeld St, Chicago, IL.

Sara rides a 2008 Rocky Mountain Sherpa 30 that she got at Iron City Bikes in Pittsburgh, PA
Why ride? To make getting from here to there an empowering, exhilarating experience, instead of another reason to sit in another box and watch the world go by. Having a community of excellent people to ride with, and brutal thighs.

Cycling Tip?  Be calm and find the path of least resistance. You look hot in your helmet.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Natasha, N Damen Ave & W Schiller St, Chicago, IL

It was in the 80's on Sunday and nearly everyone in Chicago was in a good mood.  Warm weather is right around the corner!  I stopped Natasha looking adorable in black and pink.  Fierce wind never stops a Chicagoan on the first nice day since November.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Erica, 1700 Block of Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

Erica rides a 2010 Pake track frame in SID blue.
Tell us more about your bike: Since I had another bike stolen last year I decided to get exactly what I wanted for this bike.  I went to Smart Bike Parts and they hooked it up.  I picked out all the components and they were nice enough to put it together for me.  Its the only shop I go to now because they are really helpful and friendly.  They wont rip you off.

Where are you going?  I am leaving work, Spa Soak, to go to my best friends house to eat pizza. 

Why ride?  I stared to ride regularly about four years ago so I could avoid taking public transit.  I found that I was spending a lot of time sitting on the bus just to get to my destination.  But now I can get anywhere quickly, be outside, get exercise, and save money that I would otherwise spend on the CTA.

How can Chicago be more bike friendly?
Well, I really think that we could be a more bike friendly city when we (drivers, pedestrians, and other bikers) learn to be respectful and considerate of everyone around us.  that would be a good start....

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jessa, 1400 Block of Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

Jessa rides an Orgin 8 Pasado frame and pieced the rest of her bike together.
What are you wearing?  My fav coat & scarf. 
Where are you going?  I'm headed home to Rogers Park after some last minute shopping. Then I'm off to New York for a trip.
Why ride?  Because its free. I like to race, and it makes my body work. 
While riding you...?  Think or clear my mind. 
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike-friendly?  Bike lanes & street smoothing would really improve my ride.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Lara, Adams and State, Chicago, IL

Lara rides a beat up Blue Schwinn Sprint circa 1984 that was her Mother's.
Why Ride?  I ride because I'm able. I ride to smell the smells, hear the bells, stretch my legs. Feeel the freeedom.

What is your favorite ride?  My favorite ride is Sunday morning, anywhere...smells soo good soo many sounds. Or Lakeshore Drive...anytime to anywhere

While riding you...?  While riding I sing.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Kim, Damen Ave, Milwaukee Ave, North Ave, Chicago, IL

Kim rides a Murray 1984 Olympic Series, in White.  She says "Is has all of the decals on, which I hear is rare."
What are you wearing? My "Bike Jacket," it's light weight and white. Plus my Chuck Taylor boots that are stylish and can be used to tuck my jeans into for riding.

Why ride? It feels good.

What is your Favorite ride? Lakefront in Summer at night.

While riding you …? Listen to music, a barrage of other peoples' music and/or traffic.