Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Erica, 1700 Block of Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

Erica rides a 2010 Pake track frame in SID blue.
Tell us more about your bike: Since I had another bike stolen last year I decided to get exactly what I wanted for this bike.  I went to Smart Bike Parts and they hooked it up.  I picked out all the components and they were nice enough to put it together for me.  Its the only shop I go to now because they are really helpful and friendly.  They wont rip you off.

Where are you going?  I am leaving work, Spa Soak, to go to my best friends house to eat pizza. 

Why ride?  I stared to ride regularly about four years ago so I could avoid taking public transit.  I found that I was spending a lot of time sitting on the bus just to get to my destination.  But now I can get anywhere quickly, be outside, get exercise, and save money that I would otherwise spend on the CTA.

How can Chicago be more bike friendly?
Well, I really think that we could be a more bike friendly city when we (drivers, pedestrians, and other bikers) learn to be respectful and considerate of everyone around us.  that would be a good start....

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  1. The bike and her look beutifull! And shes cute! Best combo ever love the picture