Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bicing bike share, Barcelona Spain

Here is a Barcelona local using a bicing bicycle.  The design reminds me a little bit of the 70's Raleigh Chopper.  They are intended to be used by locals (not tourist) for short to medium rides around the city and require a yearly subscription. 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Martha, El Raval neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain

Rental bike from Barcelona Rent a Bike. Photo: Jeremy Bolen

Barcelona is an ideal city to explore by bike.  Not only do they have well established cycle tracks and bike lanes— they have a massive bike share system with the coolest looking shared bikes on the planet.  Check out tomorrows post to see what I am talking about.  We opted to rent bikes at Barcelona Rent a Bike because is was the closest place to our hotel, but there are many good bike rental spots scattered throughout the city.  We managed to pop our "puncture-resistant tires" by running over glass, and I learned a universal truth: No matter what country you are in, bike shop employees have the power to make you feel like and idiot.  "Geez bike shop guy, I have ridden a bicycle before, and I know you should avoid glass, but it was just everywhere."
 ** Side note– my bike shop, Boulevard Bikes, doesn't make me feel like an idiot.  

For the sartorially minded I am wearing a thrifted navy and white striped shirt, American Apparel high-waisted shorts, and Worishofer 251 Sandals.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Songbird, W Illinois St & N Franklin St, Chicago, IL

I'm back from vacation! Europe was wonderful and has lots of infrastructure elements I would love to see brought to Chicago.  Look out next week for travel photos!  

Lauren rides a 1960's Schwinn Jaguar cruiser rebuild from craigslist.

What are you wearing?
This dress is a resale find and the flats are from Diana's shoes
Make/model color of your bike, and where you got it?
This is Bruiser the Cruiser.  It's a 1960's Schwinn Jaguar frame - a good craigslist find that I powder-coated and re-built.  I started riding it when I resolved to stop living my life as a teenage boy on a fixed gear with a giant messenger bag, and started embracing adult womanhood.  I've never looked back.
Where are you going? I'm on my way to work.
Why ride? There are a million reasons - I'm no Republican. 
The best thing about a biking commute is getting a chance to be outside and get a little wild before and after the tameness of sitting at work all day - I strongly recommend this ritual to anyone concerned about becoming a work zombie!
Favorite ride?
My favorite ride is any ride where the wind is at my back.  A rare and beautiful phenomenon.
While riding you …?
whistle, get a good look at things.
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or be more bike friendly?
I think the city needs to take a little more responsibility for raising awareness.  Post signs about the separated bike lanes - people don't realize they're about to cut off a bike when they turn across them.  Actually, more signs about watching out for bikes in general.  There should be a sentence on every parking sign about looking before you fling your car door open too.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Bike Fancy- European Vacation

Bike Fancy is on vacation, but look out for some great new photos in a week