Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Martha, El Raval neighborhood of Barcelona, Spain

Rental bike from Barcelona Rent a Bike. Photo: Jeremy Bolen

Barcelona is an ideal city to explore by bike.  Not only do they have well established cycle tracks and bike lanes— they have a massive bike share system with the coolest looking shared bikes on the planet.  Check out tomorrows post to see what I am talking about.  We opted to rent bikes at Barcelona Rent a Bike because is was the closest place to our hotel, but there are many good bike rental spots scattered throughout the city.  We managed to pop our "puncture-resistant tires" by running over glass, and I learned a universal truth: No matter what country you are in, bike shop employees have the power to make you feel like and idiot.  "Geez bike shop guy, I have ridden a bicycle before, and I know you should avoid glass, but it was just everywhere."
 ** Side note– my bike shop, Boulevard Bikes, doesn't make me feel like an idiot.  

For the sartorially minded I am wearing a thrifted navy and white striped shirt, American Apparel high-waisted shorts, and Worishofer 251 Sandals.


  1. Oh Barcelona...I did a bike trip there last summer, and it was the best time. Even with the bike shop employees. Although I thought that might also have been because my Spanish leaves a little something to be desired...especially when talking about bikes.

  2. You look cool and happy, Martha!

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