Monday, April 1, 2013

Back Posting! Jazmin, N Green St & W Lake St, Chicago, IL

Jazmin on her cruiser

Where are you going? I am just taking a mid day trip around the West Loop! At first I am headed to go thrifting, and them who knows... I am just enjoying the weather :)
What are you wearing? 
I am wearing a Vintage Levi's Jacket from my Boutique,! My sweater dress is from Macy's! Forever 21 leggings. My shoes are from DSW from 2010! My scarf that is wrapped around my braids is from Avon! Lol

Tell me about your bike, and where you got it?
The bike that I am riding is rented from the office in my building! Rental is free for all tenants! I just moved into the area and I am looking to purchasing the best bike for my height! I think maybe a Huffy!

Why ride?
Riding is awesome because not only do you get the exercise you need but you also are able to move more swiftly than on foot. I do not have a car so a bike is the next best thing! 

Favorite ride?
I truthfully don't have a favorite route! I just started riding in the West Loop area! If I had to choose though, I was say Washington is the best street for me to ride down lol . Washington and Randolph's are extremely empty!!! I love it! 

While riding you …?
While riding I listen to music! I love listening to Absoul and DannyBrown!!! I can't wait Danny's his concert on the 25th of April! :)  Also, when biking next to the police, I get really nervous!!!!!!! Is that normal?? Lol

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or be more bike friendly?
I am a novice Chicago biker! With that being said, I really don't have an suggestions 


  1. Glad to see you back.

    Hope you have been OK? I have been worried about you.

  2. Thanks Charlie! I've been good, just too busy to blog consistently. Glad to have a little more free time for a bit

  3. Glad to see you back as well.

  4. I really like her look, she seems cool. She must be really excited about BikeFancy, using all those exclamations. :)

  5. Girl, where you been? We've missed you and your posts!