Friday, January 28, 2011

Diana, Huron St and Carpenter St, Chicago, IL

I stopped Diana on her way to a yoga class, and she was kind enough to let me take her picture.
Diana rides a Raleigh frame, single speed bike, built up from random parts, hand painted peruvian violet (by her) with a foam brush.
Diana Says: This bike is my love.   When I moved to Chicago, I had hybrid mountain bike that was about 6 inches too small for me.  I was a bike novice, but I knew I could bike faster than public transit (usually).   I didn't have a car so I trekked many miles on that old mountain bike.  I had no idea riding a bike could be so easy and fun until my friend's uncle built me this road bike.  

Biking winter was a challenge for me at first.  My first winter I had the mountain bike and no endurance.  My goal was a small 25% of the winter.  Last winter, with my new bike, and a lot more endurance, (and still a U-pass) my goal was 60%.  This winter my goal is 90%!   I love riding, but I don't ride when it's too dangerous.  My favorite thing is cruising past all the cars stuck in traffic!

**  Diana teaches yoga classes at Vessel Yoga,, and Corepower yoga in Bucktown  Check it out!


  1. I love that violet color, especially on these dreary winter days.

  2. Diana May is a Chicago all-star; glad you featured her on your excellent blog, which i have been scoping for quite some time.

  3. Gorgeous Bike and a Gorgeous rider. Love the story tooo! Good job on 90% winter riding!

  4. Love the garage door opener above the seatbelt clasp - it's like you've slain an SUV to wear its best parts as trophies!

  5. Biking during winter does present a challenge to a beginner but after a while, a person will get the hang of it. I love biking around during cold weather! 90% is quite a goal, just keep on!

  6. Yes! D.May on her purple gunner!!! winning! -Coffeehouse Stanley