Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Angee, 1500 Block of N. Damen Chicago, IL

I spotted Angee (hope I am spelling that right) as she rode by after our "Ladies that Bike Brunch,"
which you can read about on Dottie's blog   Lets go Ride a bike.  I love that she makes
biking winter look so effortless. 


  1. There's something cool about leaving the unused brake lever on the bars. I'll bet it makes a pleasant metallic noise over curbs and bumps.

  2. It looks like my mixte, a Raleigh Wisp, but with white handlebars.

    They were designed to ride as Angee is doing in the top picture, braking on the top levers when you are holding onto the tops and only using the drop levers when you are fully on the drops. It's taking me some getting used to because the levers are too long to use them as you would a modern road bike.


    I love your blog. It;s great to see what you women wear on the other side of the pond. I wish we had a 'Bike Fancy' in London.

  3. Maybe I can get a grant or London photo residency! Bike fancy London here I come.