Friday, January 14, 2011

Martha, Pierce Ave and Damen Ave, Chicago IL

Martha rides an WorkCycles Oma, first experienced in Amsterdam, purchased at Dutch Bike Chicago
 Martha Says: "Recently, I found a picture of myself from around 1982, joyfully riding my new silver Schwinn 10-speed (and wearing really, really embarrassing multicolored suspenders).  Part of my spine is fused now, so there is no way I would fit on that Schwinn, but when I am out with Oma, I get to be that girl again.  Without the suspenders."

Thanks for sharing your photo Martha.  I thinks some Chicago hipsters would like to borrow your outfit!


  1. I dig the suspenders, actually (and the cords... at least I think the pants are corduroy). It's funny how fashion comes back around. I recall hating to wear cords in the early 80s and fighting my mom about wearing them all the time. Now, I wear them and actually enjoy them. So strange.

  2. confirmed - Gap cords, circa 1979. maybe I just can't separate the fashion statement from early teen angst!