Monday, January 24, 2011

Rachel, Wacker and State, Chicago, IL

Rachel Rides a 2008 Surly Steamroller Fixed Gear with all the fixings! Almost everything has been replaced on it, including the front wheel 4 times. It's her love!

Cycling Tip from Rachel: Spend the money on good gloves. It gets ridiculously cold in the winter and cheap gloves just won't cut it (who wants frozen fingers anyways??). Bike stores have great selections of winter gloves, like Gore and Pearl Izumi, that'll keep those hands warm 'n toasty! Try going in the spring or early fall to get discounted gear. Also, full fenders are a life saver. You can find them in different colors as well to add some fun to your bike. They help keep all the nasty road grime off of you and your bike, definitely an essential on sloppy wet days! 


  1. Hell yeah this really gets my motor running!

  2. Martha, you're sweeping the nation:

    check out the comments

  3. those are good tips, Rachel. wise way to shop for gloves. i agree, full fenders are a life saver, it really is practical to have them.