Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Anne, N Hermitage Ave, Chicago, IL

Anne rides a Pashley Princess Sovereign with a locally made  Po Campo bag on the back. 
I had to ask Anne about her Adorable Tweed Jacket, seriously check out the pocket detail.  She said: "A friend of mine found the jacket at a thrift store and I got it through a clothing swap! Tweed is so great for riding."
Cycling Tip from Anne: I just found a great solution for keeping my feet warm - they aren't all that stylish, but I just got a pair of Neos over shoes. They fit over top of whatever shoes I'm wearing and keep my toes so warm (even with only 1 pair of Smartwool socks!). I've been really happy with them when I ride 5 miles downtown on really cold days!


  1. Hi,
    Do you know which Neos Anne uses? There are several styles and I want to try them to protect my nice shoes from all the salt, sand and other winter crud.

  2. Here are the Neos I have - the Uptowner X:

    They have other styles that come up higher, but I find my biggest problem is keeping my toes warm and these do the trick!
    They even fit over my Dansko clogs.

  3. Oh, Baby, I've got to see you in your NEOS, Anne. Can't be as ugly as my knee-high, olive drab Trekkers...but I do love wading amidst the ice floes at the lake. Great waterproofing!

    - Anne's Mom

  4. Man, that's a great jacket! Puts my Swedish Army Greatcoat ($10 in Berkeley 10 years ago) to shame! Great cap, too. Great bike! Great everything!

  5. Anne, thanks for the link. I've got to get me a pair.