Friday, March 18, 2011

Sarah C. at Fullerton and Milwaukee, Chicago, IL

Sarah rides a Cannondale road bike.
*** Check out the trailer for Sarah's Documentary Grow

Where are you going? Heading home after some thrift shopping
What are you wearing? vintage white beret, vintage legwarmers
Why ride? more exercise, puts you more in touch with the space you're going through
Favorite ride? LSD, While riding I listen to music and try to breathe deeply to get the fresh air in my lungs
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly?
Make it more clear to drivers that bikers have a right to the road and that drivers can get fined or in charged if they do not share the road properly with bicyclists.


  1. Love the legwarmers! This is actually Fullerton & Milwaukee—Diversey is a ways North.

  2. woops, of course. no more late night blogging ; )

  3. Lovely! This photo makes me want legwarmers. :)

  4. @ sarah,
    you should promote your movie at UIC's weekly "Re-Thinking Soup" program.