Monday, March 7, 2011

Erin, Lyndale and Kedzie, Chicago, IL

Erin rides a Surly Steamroller that she bought from Kevin at Boulevard Bikes.
While riding you...? like to brainstorm any problems that need serious thinking, and remind myself that it is a beautiful day.

Tell me about your bike:  My Bike has been transformed from a lightning fast track bike to a internal-hub three speed momma bike with new handlebars for pregnant riding and towing a trailer around town.  I would have just switched to a commuter, but I love how huge the frame is!  I can still go fast when I take the baby seat off.  The one thing I don't like is the color and the decals, they look like they were drawn on by a kindergartner.  

How did you get into cycling in Chicago?  My introduction to the Chicago cycling scene was at the Headless Horseman Alleycat race.  My husband and I had just moved up from New Orleans, and had no friends here, so we entered the the race with totally crazy skeleton costumes for both of us.  The costumes were pretty amazing, and we split the prize for best costume with Alexis and her riding partner for the day, Morgan.  The co-winners invited us out for tacos, and we became fast friends after that! 

***  Check out Erin's  clothing line Kozy Prery, for cute and functional hats,  neckwarmers, and much more.  

Erin is wearing a Four Square jacket, Seven Jeans, a cap and neckwarmer from her clothing line Kozy Prery, and Earth vegan boots.


  1. I'm going to be in Chicago for a few days at the end of March, staying near W Adams and S Lasalles. I'll have some free time on a Wednesday and Thursday evening. Any suggestions on small bike trips? (I'm also looking for a place to rent a bike if you have suggestions as well. I've used B-Cycle in the past, but I wasn't super excited about their wheels.

  2. If you bike east, to the lake path, there are nice rides along the path north or south. Also, Chicago is a city of small neighborhoods, so I would recommend picking one (pilsen, wicker park, old town, Lincoln park), and check out the sites in the hood.
    The Dutch Bike Company rents really nice city bikes: Another option is to buy a $50 bike from working bikes coop: It is about the same cost of rental, and you can give it back at the end of the week, and feel good about supporting a good cause.

  3. Thanks for the tips! I really like the sound of the two rental options you provided. Now my only limitation is when I'll be able to get to the stores after landing at the airport or after meetings. Unfortunately I may be tied up late enough that I won't be able make it to one of the stores before they close.

  4. The concierge at your hotel should just have it waiting for you ;) Now that is service. Good Luck!

  5. Love Kozie Prery!! Bicycles + handmade goodness = awesome!

  6. Hi, I'm a Chicago native but currently residing in small town outside of Philly. And what a helmet! Do you know the brand per chance? If not, do you have any helmet resource recommendations?

  7. I'm checking on the brand, but Nutcase helmets are always fun and eye-catching: