Friday, March 4, 2011

Pamela, Damen and Division, Chicago, IL

Pink Electra Townie that she got deeply discounted at R.E.I two years ago
Where are you going?  Well, you caught me parking in front of a bank, a liquor store, a sex shop, and a taco joint...wherever I'm headed, I must be up to something good.

Why ride?
Why not ride? I haven't owned a car in 16 years and I'm hoping to keep it that way. And you wouldn't believe how much a pink bike makes people smile.

Favorite Ride? Definitely Milwaukee Ave during morning rush. Sometimes there's more bikes than cars!

While riding you?
Wonder if I want a faster least in the winter I do. In the summer I revel in this smooth, laid back ride.


  1. What a cutie gal! Love that pink bike!

  2. I know! I love the yellow-soled shoes with the pink bike. Also, I noticed she has some glasses with amber lenses, which I have been looking for.