Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Lulu, 18th and May, Chicago, IL

Lulu rides a Bronze Schwinn Sprint, that she bought cheap off a pal who was moving to Miami
Where are you going? I'm heading to work.  I bike around 15 miles most days since I work in Wicker Park, live in Pilsen, and my boyfriend lives in Garfield Park (hopefully i don't break a leg anytime soon)
Why ride? It's the best! It's free, it's good for you, and it's good for the environment! And it's fun! 
Favorite ride? I love my long-ish work commute..it forces me to ride a bunch every day...I also love streets with bike lanes :)
*** Lulu's plays keys in the band Backs and has solo project Gel Set.


  1. Really great portrait! Love the two additional bikes in the background.

  2. man those 2 background bikes have been slowly dying all winter and are a total bummer in real life

  3. I know! Someone save the little red bikes. They are rusting away.

  4. Lulu! I am so annoyed that you didn't shout out the Sloppy Meat Creatures. I know we're on eternal hiatus and all, but still.

  5. hi jason! dude i thought we were supposed to keep the sloppy meat creatures a secret til our vinyl release!!

    hi lauren, thanks!!!