Thursday, March 3, 2011

Lynne, W. Polk St. and S. Loomis St, Chicago, IL

Lynne rides a 1960, Made-in-Chicago, Schwinn cruiser, in “Racer” blue, that she got from  Working Bikes Cooperative – it's great source for vintage, sturdy, affordable bicycles.
 Where are you going?  Riding home from Hubbard Street Dance School’s bi-annual open house of free intro classes.  I took a Pilates class and the Isadora Duncan Dance technique class.  I learned she is the “mother of modern dance,” who incorporated self expression beyond traditional ballet in the early 1900s.
Why ride?  For sustainable and efficient transportation and parking, exercise and empowerment.  I don’t mind riding in the winter as long as I’m dressed for it and can avoid ice.
Favorite ride?  Riding on the ancient wall surrounding Xi’an, China, (home of the terracotta warriors.)  Possibly the only city in China still completely surrounded by a wall.

*** Biking in Xi'an China looks amazing.  As if I didn't have the travel bug bad already.  Thanks for sharing Lynne.


  1. I like that her backpack matches the bike

  2. i have the same bike, a 1963 schwinn collegiate!! maybe we'll run into each other (not literally of course). while visiting nyc, i saw the same bike locked up by nyu and got ridiculously excited. i love the details of vintage bikes like the pinstriping on the fenders. good to know that i could fit a handlebar bag like lynne has.