Monday, February 7, 2011

Martha, W. Quincy St, Chicago, IL

Photo: Andrew Nawrocki
It's February here in Chicago and we here at Bike Fancy (okay its only, me but lets pretend) are decidedly less fancy.  I'm really loving my Christmas gift of Cole Hann rain/snow boots, and on the really blustery days I wear these Ski Goggles.  The amber lenses block blue light, and make winter look about 100% more beautiful. They seriously improved my mood, so I did a little research and found this study:  I guess they seriously improve a lot of people's mood, crazy.  Now I'm scouring Ebay for vintage Blueblockers to extend the bliss into spring.  It is probably too optimistic to hope for a set of full fenders for Valentine's day, but damn this Chicago slush.

Happy Biking!


  1. I don't know how you're making it through the winter without full fenders! You must be pretty tough!

  2. Well the rear rack and rubber boots help a lot!

  3. Oh great timing! My rain/snow boots ripped at the seam today. I'm going to look into these!

    And you look great!

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  5. I will gladly help you out with some full fenders! Shoot me an email.

  6. Which Nate is this, and what is your email? Very interested.

  7. Amber goggles. You convinced me, I want some!

  8. The googles are only about $25 and you can probably get a deal with spring coming!

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