Monday, February 21, 2011

Caitlin, Michigan Ave and Pearson, Chicago, IL

Caitlin rides a 1980s Huffy Team America that she found at a garage sale for $10.

When I asked Caitlin what her favorite ride is she said "The Salt Creek bike path, I've been going down it since I could ride, it's surrounded in woods mostly and is very scenic."

I ran into Caitlin after a work photo shoot.  When I asked her where she was coming from, she said Westchester.  Seriously, she biked down 22nd St. all the way into the city, which got me thinking. I'm sure a lot more people would do that if there were cycle tracks  or paths that connect the near suburbs to the city, or different parts of the city for that matter.  It seems a bit crazy to some people, but a lot of suburbs are under a 20 mile ride (albeit through some dodgy neighborhoods that aren't expecting a bicycle on the street).  With the upcoming election, I've been thinking a lot more about the future of our city, and how our bike infrastructure should develop.  I am firmly in the camp that wants cycling to be accessible and safe to all types of riders.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on the issue.  Also, don't forget to vote on Tuesday!


  1. This photo is a nice commentary on style through the modern era. The bike evokes parts of the 70s and the layering makes me think 80s, but the combination of leather and denim is a fairly classic bit of American fashion. And the pose just feels very 60s movie star/fashion mag.

  2. I know, she definitely has a timeless look. I love the asymmetrical zipper on her leather jacket (faux, fyi for the vegans).

  3. There are actually paths from the west suburbs and the north suburbs. From the west side there's the prairie path. It ends at oak park/austin. But you can take the green line from there.

    In the north there's the des plaines trail and the north shore channel trail (to north branch).

  4. I recently returned from living in the Netherlands for three years. The bike lanes there were amazing! As a car driver in the Netherlands, one looks out for the bikes. I enjoy biking, but would be interested in biking into the city (only 12 miles from downtown to my home) if the streets were better and motorists better at expecting and looking out for cyclists. In the mean time I guess I must be content with cycling here in Evanston and surrounding areas.

  5. First, beautiful portrait! The setting is perfect.

    Second, I totally agree about cycle tracks. I'm excited for a new mayor to come at the bicycling situation with a fresh perspective.