Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Elizabeth, 1400 W Foster, Chicago, IL

Elizabeth rides a commuter bike affectionately name "Toro" (in honor of her bullhorn style handlebars - complete with pink bar tape)  She acquired the frame - a Schwinn Worldsport - from Working Bikes years ago and since then it has gone through a couple of build-ups.  
Elizabeth Says "I always wear my high-vis yellow jacket (especially on the gloomy and gray winter days) and add reflectivity and lights too! Safety first! Also, a must have addition to my bike was fenders. I have the front fender set back to protect my chain and feet from the maximum amount of slush.  I also love my chainguard -- the SKS Chainboard 

Elizabeth blogs for and organizes the Chicago Ride of Silence
which she funds from the sale of these calendars


  1. Hooray for the yellow jacket!
    Although I've heard the yellow isn't actually high-viz at need reflector strips to be the most visible to cars, which I think is funny because that yellow is SO bright, but I guess it's not actually reflective.

  2. awesomeeee! =) snow troopers fantastico <3

  3. To all those in the Chicago area and are riding this winter, good to you all.