Thursday, February 10, 2011

Danielle, Clark and Foster, Chicago, IL

Danielle takes slow rides on her Boxcycles Christiania Trike dubbed "Roxy the Boxy" by her son.
I met Danielle at the Ladies that Bike and Brunch.  She is still biking winter at 36 weeks pregnant! What an inspiration.

Cycling Tip from Danielle:  Don't be hindered by naysayers (I've got a lot of
them as a pregnant mama),
or by weather (except for safety, of course) just ride.

When asked why ride Danielle said: I ride because there is no other way to get where I need to go and exercise at the same time. Also, I absolutely love the way
riding let's me stay connected to my environment and my world. I love to
feel my surroundings, the changing temperatures, the different seasons,
the sunshine, the rain. Love it all.
The trike, especially, gathers a lot of attention, so I
absolutely love to smile at passerby and spread biking love when people
have questions.

Check out Danielle's parenting blog: