Friday, June 15, 2012

Jessica, N Milwaukee Ave & W Grand Ave, Chicago, IL

What are you wearing? Just a little dress from Anthropologie! Dresses are the best though. Instant outfit. And clogs...also a favorite and good for riding because the soles are not flexible!
Make/model color of your bike, and where you got it? I ride a Black Raleigh Gazelle from1956
I found it at Working Bikes while looking for parts for another bike. Great find I think!
Where are you going? To Lindsey's for drinks on the porch!
Why ride? It's fun and good for me.Favorite ride? Love riding to The Hideout for shows and Elston is my favorite street to ride. The North Channel Trail is also great.
While riding you …? at night, sometimes I sing :)
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or be more bike friendly? We need bike lanes everywhere!!
And other cool, funny tips or stories? Riding in heels is much easier than it looks guys!


  1. I love the double skinny belts! I thought it was one long one but she said it is two that are similar colors.

  2. Really nice dress and completely great Working Bikes find.

  3. OMG that's the cutest thing I ever saw!I wanna go to there:)