Monday, November 14, 2011

Maria, N Milwaukee Ave & W Belden Ave, Chicago, IL

Maria rides a Soma mixte custom built at On the Route

What are you wearing? Ruffly sundress from the Gap, vintage denim jacket, Po Campo reflective pin and houndstooth riding gloves (from Giro, just picked up at On the Route Bicycles this spring). The gold pannier is a Po Campo prototype so I have the only one. :)

Tell me more about your bike and where you got it? My ride was custom made for me by my pals at On the Route on Lincoln Ave. I fell in love with the Soma mixte frame at first glance and was in the market for a spritely upright bike anyway and what they built far surpassed my expectations. It's beautiful to look at and an absolute joy to ride.  
Why Ride? Because it is fun!!!!!!!!!!! 
Favorite ride? My commute to work is actually my favorite because I pass through so many cityscapes on my way there. Old neighborhoods with elm trees and greystones, an industrial metal forgery, downtown views, the's so pretty and makes me fall in love with Chicago every day. 
While riding you …? Daydream. 
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? I like the little stoplights for bike lanes that you see in some European cities. It makes cycling feel like a legitimate mode of transportation. And they're so cute.

*** Maria founded Po Campo the super stylish bike bag company from Chicago.

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