Friday, November 11, 2011

Margaret, W Grace St & N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL

Margaret rides a 1982 Yellow Huffy Timberline 3 Speed from Carlos & Sarah's Surplus of Options

Love her metallic accents.  Brass necklace and key earings

 Where are you going? To get a coffee at Delicious Cafe and then on to work at Trader Joe's.

What are you wearing? Earrings made from my old house keys and boots that were a gift from my mother.  Necklace, coat, hoodie, slip and skirt were all thrift store finds.  I love that feeling of putting in the patience and time and finding something really great for $3.

Tell me more about your bike, and where you got it? 1982 Yellow Huffy Timberline 3 Speed.  I found it at Carlos & Sarah's Surplus of Options when I was looking for a winter bike last year.  It was stripped of all it's cables and covered in rust so it seemed the perfect bike to put through a winter.  After fixing it up though it has become my favorite ride.

Why ride?  I started bike commuting when I moved to Chicago to save money and take time off my daily travel.  Now it's a full blown obsession.  I love how active and adventurous life feels when you ride everywhere.  It's neat to think about the freedom such a simple machine can give you.  I also appreciate the camaraderie I feel with other riders. 

Favorite ride?  Coming home from work late at night when I'm bundled head to toe against the cold and it's snowing that really big fluffy snow that has covered everything and sparkles amber in the streetlights.  It's so incredibly surreal.  Also, the moment when you reach the top of any bridge.  The rivers look beautiful and that wonderful feeling of getting to ride down the hill you just came up.

While riding you …?  Constantly look and listen for cars/pedestrians/cyclists/doors/potholes/construction.  If the ride is stress free enough I like to people watch and check out architecture. Language podcasts and books on tape have been a fun multitasking thing to listen to.

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? Maintained roads and abundant, well planned bike lanes would be amazing.  But until then, a little empathy from drivers would help.  I dare any daily drivers to bike commute for a week and not feel different about what it means to share our common rights to the road.


  1. Like the interesting and charming portraits that you are doing to accompany your street pix. Is this unassumingly beautiful and fair girl related to Eos, the goddess of the dawn? Just asking.

  2. Thanks! She just might be : ) I'll pass along the compliment.

  3. wow. this image made my night! i sure love living in chicago, with all these beautiful women riding around everywhere.

  4. I'm kind of obsessing about Margaret's jacket... so adorable. And, of course, her bicycle is great as well! :O)

  5. Love the interview ... shots are gorgeous too.

  6. Wow! She looks stunning. I wonder where she found someone so skilled and patient to help work on her bike?

  7. Anon: The bike is nothin'. If had everything laid out in advance I could completely strip and rebuild a couple of those a day while my attention was mainly on a movie or an audio book. Most of it's just drudge work, like cleaning a bathroom.

    What about the tattoo?

  8. Now Here's a good example of Todays Urban woman.
    She's riding a bike that is not only unique but is practical for the city. She looks absolutley marvelous on it. Wow, What a Looker!