Monday, November 7, 2011

Laura, N Damen Ave & W Wolfram St, Chicago, IL

Where are you going? 
Heading home from friend's place after a feast filled weekend.

Tell me more about your bike, and where you got it?  My bike is a black Winsor Clockwork. I taped the make and model to deter theft, and I switched to straight handlebars with blue hand grips.
All purchased online
What are you wearing? I am wearing a mini dress from thrift store underneath with a splash painting leggings from the UK. A checkered jacket and leather boots purchased online.
Why ride?  Riding gives me a sense of freedom and also my means of getting around.
Favorite ride? 
Love riding during the night when the streets are empty and silence is my only companion.

While riding you …? 
While riding I am zoned out and immersed in my senses.

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly?  Chicago needs more safe and well paved bike lanes scattered throughout this city.


  1. I love her outfit more than words can describe!

  2. I know! The tights and boots are great! Way to embrace fall.

  3. Very stylish! .. - {(both) biker and bike combination} ;)

  4. Badass outfit, but how does hiding the fact that it's a Windsor . . . oh, never mind, I'm about to get myself in trouble; again.

  5. Quite chic....why don't you have photos of biking commuter dads from Harrisburg, PA?

  6. If there were fashion police the women officers would have on similar outfits!