Monday, July 25, 2011

Tanya, S State & Madison St, Chicago, IL

Tanya rides a a Copper 1983 Schwinn that she got from A Nearly New Shop on Irving Park and Broadway

What are you wearing?  A Turquoise dress and some Vintage Levi cutoffs.

Where are you going? Alluya Spa

Why ride?  I ride for a few reasons:   I like it for the access: with a bike you can go places and do things that pedestrians and automobiles can't, like zip through a green light, weave in and out of traffic.  I like that it is fast and that you can always avoid start/stop action by just taking another street if you see a red light up ahead.  And I like the feeling of freedom -- wind hitting your face, all of that!

Favorite ride? I have a friend with a super cool, super fast bike.  I thought that I really wanted a bike like that, but then, he let me take it on a test ride and I realized that my favorite ride is mine!  I like my bike for so many reasons:  it has the capacity to go really fast, but I still have to put some leg action into it.  I get the speed I crave and the work-out I need at the same time.  Also, my bike is super durable and resilient.  It can weather anything!

While riding you … While riding I like to listen to music.  Depending on my outfit, I'll make-believe that I am a bike messenger.

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly?  Personally, I think that Chicago has a pretty good biking system.  There is the lakefront path that travels the entire north/south axis of the city and a lot of streets have that bike lane.  I think it is a matter of helping people realize how fun it is to bike!  I just finished a book called "The 90 Day Solution:  How to Save the World in 90 Days"  where I offer suggestions (such as biking) that encourage people to engage in activities that are not only healthy, but good for the earth as well.  Hopefully, it will help to get more bikers on the road!


  1. Beautiful shot, beautiful girl. As previously mentioned, I love your blog.

    Très Awesome - A Chicago Street Style Blog

  2. Très Awesome I love YOUR blog. Were you the blond I spied a Pitchfork taking portraits?

  3. I am interested in checking out the book Tanya mentioned. Sounds great. Thanks!