Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Lisa and Elsa, N Oakley Ave & W Palmer St, Chicago, IL

Lisa and family ride a Babboe City bakfietsen, grey, imported from Netherlands via J.C. Lind Bike Co.

I spotted Lisa's cargo bike from far off, and as I got closer, my head nearly exploded from cuteness overload!  Seriously, check out her infant daughter comfortably ensconced in the cab of the bike (below).  She was picking up her older daughter from a playdate at Holstein pool.  How's that for an alternative to the family station wagon.  I rode in THIS all through Middle School, and even drove it in High School.  Yup, I was really cool.  I think a bike would have been way cooler.

What are you wearing? Gap dress (also worn during pregnancy), Birkenstocks
Where are you going? Swimming with my daughters and friends
Why ride? Health: mine, family's, the planet's.
Favorite ride? I always enjoyed snaking from UIC back to Logan Square via Fulton and the other west side industrial streets late at night when there were no trucks or anyone else...But I also enjoy nature-y rides like the I&M Canal tow path.
While riding you …?  Mostly focus on staying alive, but sometimes sing songs, make plans, notice little things, feel the weather, talk with my older daughter about heavy or hilarious things.
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? I think that separated bike lanes are nice (and would catch us up with several more bikeable European cities), but I'm a fan of less infrastructure and more restriction. I think we can do better with a network of bicycle priority or even completely car-free streets through the neighborhoods sometimes known as "bike boulevards." Another thing I fantasized about when I bike-commuted to the Loop every day is a $5 per private car tax to drive into the Loop during week day business hours. It could be earmarked for transit or bike funding, and would make downtown a lot more bike and pedestrian friendly.


  1. I second a "congestion charge zone."

  2. awesome. elsa looks cute and mom walks the walk!

  3. tax the motorists, that's it lisa!

  4. For years I believed that I would have to get a car if I ever had children. Then I met Lisa and family, and discovered that it is TOTALLY possible to raise up kiddies on two wheels. I'm thrilled to see her featured here!

  5. So glad I came across Lisa at the pool. It sounds like she is an inspiration to a lot of people.

  6. So nice to see another mama and her little one out on a bike. Just the inspiration that I need to try again with my little guy. We've got the trike. We've got the babe. We've got the carseat. Now we just have to put them all together.

    (Also interested to know how old little Elsa is. She looks like she really loves that bike)

  7. How does this bike steer? So interesting to look at but I just cannot figure it out.

  8. Man, that woman's a total MILF!

  9. Awww... baby is so cuteee.

  10. THanks for the nice comments (though the MILF one is from my husband, so YAWN. ;)

    The stearing is good and not as hard as it looks. The cables for the front wheel just run down from the handlebars, under the box (alongside the bottom tube) and to the wheel.

    It is fairly heavy when loaded w/baby, 45lb. 4 1/2yr. old, and a few groceries or pool gear.
    I don't ride beyond Logan Sq. with it very often, and by this fall the preschooler will be forced to ride her own bike much more often.

    Danielle, Elsa is 8 mos., and we started her in the box bike as soon as we got it in late May. A great way to get comfortable riding with your kid might be by going on a Kidical Mass ride. see
    We go often!

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