Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cassie, W Chicago Ave & N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

Cassie rides a beat up Giant Cabriolet, road bike. 

Tell me more about your bike: It's a beat up, chewed on pink road bike that I got from my boyfriend when I first came to Chicago. My cat thinks it's his scratching/biting post.
Where are you going? Work! Work! All day long. 
Why ride? The thrill of the wind in my face, the sun on my back, and the sounds and smells outside. Plus, I like to pretend it's a pink motorcycle. 
Favorite ride? The way home from work, starting at Milwaukee and Augusta, but especially down Division Street!
While riding you listen to fast traveling songs like My Favorite Game by the Cardigans, or No Stress by A9D.
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly?
 The city should enforce the bike lanes more, in regards to the cars who seem to all share an ignorance for the bikers and our lane. Other than that, the city is easy enough to get around.


  1. i want that bike. great little interview. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. It's a Giant Cabriolet, I have been digging to find some information about it, but no one seems to know about them. Perhaps you have information? I am about to write the Giant HQ!!

  3. oh man, i am kind of bummed out that you have a boyfriend. and that you like boys. i think i'm in love.

  4. Aww, rx, don't be sad. I am always available for a new friend! If you ever see me riding, stop me. :)