Thursday, November 18, 2010

Alexis, Kinzie at the Chicago River, Chicago, IL

Alexis' hat is by Kindred Honor, Her Jacket is Nau, and her helmet is made by Bern.

Alexis rides a track model Soma Rush with Velocity rims built up by Marcus at Yojimbo's Garage.  The five layer powder coating was painstakingly painted by UV Metal Arts in Bridgeport.
Cycling Tip from Alexis: Learn to fix a flat. There is something incredibly empowering about being able to repair the vehicle you rely on, realizing that it's something you are completely capable of. I never cease to get that feeling of accomplishment, being closer to my bicycle, and stronger as a person. 

Alexis is the Founder and Producer of  TyK [Thought You Knew] a bicycle chick pinup calendar, the proceeds from which go to support The Chicago Women's Health Center [CWHC].  Check out their Gala Launch Party this Friday at The COOP from 5-10pm at 845 W Fulton Market, Chicago.


  1. Love this blog. Function and form. Delightful!

  2. Lovely!
    I want polka dot rims now...

  3. Yay Alexis! fantastic photos, and I'm definitely jealous of that bike every time I see it.