Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ice Pink Schwinn Prelude 1987

Had to share.  This is my bike from way back in 1987!  Check out some of my self-portraits to see what 8 years of hard riding and getting stripped by a bike thief will do.  Thanks to Boulevard Bikes in Chicago for keeping it rideable.

Photo: Andrew Nawrocki.
I photographed Chicago Mayoral candidates so I decided to wear by best conservative office wear.  I love this hat   Its locally made with reclaimed wool, has a velcro chin strap, and it fits under my helmet!


  1. Your bike looks great (re pic above). So do you. Chic cyclist tip #7: invest in a lot of mid and heavy weight black tights! ;-)

  2. My little guys have floyd boberg hats and they look so cute in them! We got them at the bike winter fest last year.