Saturday, October 29, 2011

Terry, N Milwaukee Ave & W North Ave, Chicago, IL

Terry rides a Centurion frame built-up to a custom single speed road bike
****  I randomly stopped Terry on the street and it turns out he produces the Chicago Bicycle Film Festival.  Its happening next weekend Friday November 4-6th.  There are lots of cool movies and events so check it out!

Where are you going? I am headed home(logan square) from the loop where I
am finishing my masters at DePaul.
What bike are you riding and where did they get it?  Its a Centurion
touring frame built-up to a  custom single speed road bike, basically.  My bike was built-up by the guys over at Nearly New on Broadway ... upkeep
and modifications by myself and the guys at Boulevard Bikes in Logan
Favorite ride? That is crazy as it my sound-- anywhere in the
loop or downtown.  I didn't grow up in a city so flying through tons of
traffic, and huge buildings is still pretty surreal for me-- LOVE IT!
While riding you …?  Sometimes listen to music, sometimes I film rides-
when I'm in no rush.
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike
I think one MAJOR problem is the CTA's rule about no bikes during rush
hours. This is very dangerous since sometimes people get stuck in crazy
weather and are forced to ride in it due to the policy.  Over 90% of bike
accident happen in rain.
Other than that--I think a few HARSH examples need to be made of people
who "door" bikers.  There are so many people that don’t understand how
dangerous it is to not pay attention while parking and will not pay
attention until there is something being threatened.
So tell me more about the Bicycle Film Festival.
I am the producer of Bicycle Film Festival Chicago.  BFF is an
international film festival that is EVERYTHING BIKES!  November 4-6 th, 2011, and
here are a few events that will be taking place over that weekend:
A few AWESOME local Chicago orgs who help us w/ BFF {Active transportation
alliance, the chainlink, west town bikes, working bikes, and Bicycling
Magazine of course)