Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jessica, N Milwaukee Ave over‎ I-90/I-94, Chicago, IL

Jessica rides a yellow Schwinn cruiser from A Nearly New Shop in Uptown

Where are you going? On my way home to wear out the new roll of drawing paper I bought. I'm experimenting with wallpaper designs. So far, it's not looking too hot. 

What are you wearing?  Levis high-waisted jeans, Zodiac USA boots a la Buffalo Exchange in Wicker Park, my brother's jogging beanie, a Sundance bag my mom bought way back when and a vintage Giants sweatshirt that my dad says my mom stole from him when they were first dating. 

Tell me about your bike, and where you got it? It's a yellow Schwinn cruiser I bought at A Nearly New Shop in Uptown, or somewhere just as far. Not sure of the year but I'm pretty sure there're a few different parts...

Why ride? To get lost. I love adventures. And parking downtown is expensive. 

Favorite ride? Along the lake from Oak to Montrose at night. No one's out, it's a little scary, but everything is so peaceful. 

While riding you …? Hand jive when I get the chance. 

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or be more bike friendly? I'd say more bike lanes on streets like Kedzie and Ashland. Ashland especially, it's super busy, but it gets you to a lot of neat places. Also - more bike stands! I hate locking up on a bus stop.
And other cool, funny tips or stories? 
The folks at the Kinzie Chop House are super wonderful. I was on my bike just across the street waiting for the light and I guess I didn't hold my balance too well because I totally ate it and my bike fell beneath me. Then some chick told me I was bleeding inside my foot. I looked down and was like "Oh man, I am bleeding, huh.." and went flush upon closer examination. (I'm stupidly squeamish). 
So I went into the Kinzie Chop House and was all like, "Uh, I know this is unorthodox, but I'm bleeding, I was wondering if I could use your bathroom.." and nodded at my foot. The lady at the host stand took one look at it. Her eyes widened and she offered to get me a napkin. She came back a minute later, "I wet it too.." I thanked her and proceeded to fiddled with my shoe. She did that awkward shrug thing and set her hands together as if to clap, "Um, would you mind doing that outside?" I guess I was pushing my luck. But hey, she was a total doll for getting me a damp cloth! I mean, it's better than a toilet paper tourniquet...


  1. Yea youth & verve; will always be attractive.

  2. I crashed in July. The people in the SUV who pulled up and called 911 had an emergency kit in their car; I thanked them profusely and decided to add a simple kit to my bike bag. Jessica got ambushed like so many of us, so I'm sure she's a convert now as well. I love catching Bike Fancy posts; Jessica's bright, pretty smile reminds me how nice it is to be riding instead of being cooped up in a bus. When I ride alongside a woman sho shows her special Bike Fancy attention to style, I always let her know about Bike Fancy (and Let's Go Ride a Bike, my other favorite site).

  3. Hey, we're missing you, Martha! Come back, come back! Over:)!

  4. Wonderful use of color and proof that fortune favors the prepared.

  5. when i ate it trying to cross a section of resurfaced road (part of it was carved out), a pedestrian and a valet guy came to my aid. they picked up my bike and the stuff that fell out of my basket so I could move to the sidewalk safely.

    i witnessed something similar to jessica's incident. this guy's bike fell on him while he was trying to prop it up and it cut his sandaled foot. i gave him a wet nap and a bandage. he was so grateful. i'd like to say i keep bandages on me for cycling emergencies, but they're really for poor footwear choices (heels and sandals). funny part of the story was that someone else handed him some napkins and instead of blotting his foot, he used it to wipe blood off his bike. moral of the story: don't stand on the right side of your bike and kickstands are handy.