Friday, December 14, 2012

Laura, 500 block of North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, IL

Laura rides a custom re-build mixte frame from Lugs

Sometimes I diligently write down someone's email, and then I just can't find it.  That is what happened with this young lady, but [hopefully] I remembered a few details correctly—  

#1 her bike is a custom rebuild from Lugs.  I'm convinced the folks over a lugs are as interested in people looking good on bikes as I am, so mad props!  I'll be hitting them up when I can throw down some cash for a custom rebuild. 
# 2. Her name was Laura and she was headed north.

Sorry for loosing your email Laura.  Please comment if you see this and have anything to add.

*** Side note: There is cause for celebration today— Chicago is getting a protected bike lane near my office!  I have been patiently watching the construction of the Dearborn protected bike lane and I'm excited to go for a test ride.  I'll be spending lunch here so come by and celebrate!
When: Friday, December 14 at 1:00 p.m.
Where: Printer’s Row Park, 700 S. Dearborn St.


  1. Pert and pretty in Chicago and a pretty shot; good as it gets.

  2. Ooh that is such a lovely bicycle :-)

  3. You look amazing gurl !!! your cycle is wow!

  4. Nice sharing of this post. thanks./

  5. When are you going to start posting again? I discovered this awesome blog in January and I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to see some new fancy bikers. Please come back!

  6. The more bike lines, the better. You are a lucky girl for having one near your office!

  7. Martha, I remember when I got a bike lane by my place here in Philly, my life changed! I used to take the longer/hilly road to grad school and often regretted it, but then they built a buffered bike lane all the way across Center City only a block away from my place and it was heaven! Enjoy the new bike lane.

    On a separate note, my next bike needs to be yellow!!!! My two current bikes are black—boring! I'm looking to replace my current city riding bike and I think yellow is the way to go!

  8. That's so cool! New York just got some bike lanes too and I'm so excited for summer, I love your blog by the way it's different.