Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Megan K., N Oakley Ave., Chicago, IL

Megan Rides at Gary Fisher Simple City 8 named Francis with a a rear internal hub and front basket.
Cycling Tip from Megan: Avoid alleys in the winter. The city doesn't plow or salt the alleys and with a little precipitation they quickly turn into dangerous ice slicks.
Note: The steel basket on Megan's bike is large enough to haul most things she needs.  Since she doesn't own a car, she does all her shopping by bike.
** Check out Megan's travel blog at  me-go.net


  1. I love those dual-pronged kickstands too - extremely practical so that your bike doesn't fall over while you're loading up cargo. Nice looking bike, and great coat as well!

  2. I can't believe they won't be making Simple City bikes anymore.

  3. Its a great bike. I heard about Trek's change in the Fisher line but didn't realize this would mean discontinuing the Simple City series. What a shame.

    The double kick stand is great but the steel basket weights 5lbs itself and usually causes the bike to tip over, even when empty, unfortunately.

  4. I still own the 2009 Gary Fisher Catalog, which has a beautiful layout picture of the Simple City 8 sitting in front of a farm stand with vegetables, flowers, and bread in the basket. Nice bike.