Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tslanie, N Stave St & W St. Helen St, Chicago, IL

Tselanie rides a AMF cruiser with a front basket from Working Bikes.

What are you wearing? I love this skirt. It  is a super windy, warm day, and I've changed clothes like 5 times to accommodate the weather/find a skirt that was less flouncy than the rest to prevent flashing.
Where are you going? Home for a spell (to change....again!) then Tastee Freeze and Whistler.
Why ride? you get places on your terms.  No waiting for trains, buses, no parking.  And it's fun.
Favorite ride? I like riding through the residential blocks around my neighborhood and places i hang out: Logan Square, Wicker Park, Ukrainian Village, etc...


  1. Tselanie looks happy and healthy, it seems a common theme with cyclists!

  2. Tselanie - what a beautiful image! Your outfit is perfect! It's just as well I'm not driving by - I'd be too distracted to be safe. Tselanie, I have to say it: I'm totally entranced. I love that skirt on you, all the more with those soft boots, white socks and the black short sleeved top - I just keep rolling back up to the photo and sighing....