Friday, June 3, 2011

Alicia, 3oo Block of W. Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL

Alicia rides a brown Raleigh Sport that was gifted to her by grandpa, it was her Grandma's bike

What are you wearing? Just an American Apparel dress and shoes that i got from the store that I work at
Where are you going? shopping!
Why ride? it's faster and cheaper
Favorite ride? logan blvd... the huge trees and houses make for great sightseeing
While riding you …?  Plan what I'm going to make for dinner
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? i just think that people need to pay more attention when they are driving... not just for people on bikes, but for pedestrians and other drivers


  1. Lovely shot and congratulations Martha on your photo shoot for Bicycling Magazine.

  2. Thanks Sue! I was super psyched to be asked to shoot for the July 2011 Bicycling mag. I'm traveling right now and had to pick a copy up at the airport. I'll post a link when I can.

  3. Beautiful! The photographer also captured the light coming up at Alicia, evening out the image; maybe it was luck, but I'll say it was planning, maybe a flash-reflector below the lens. With Alicia in her Little Black Dress, with the almost-palpable warm Summer breeze gently tossing it into a caress, those of us at the other end of the continent weep at not riding alongside.