Thursday, June 2, 2011

Celeste, N Milwaukee Ave & W Halsted, Chicago, IL

Celeste rides a 1980's Schwinn World Sport from Working Bikes.

What are you wearing? I'm taking my brand-new skirt from the Gap Outlet for its first spin, paired with an American Apparel tee.
Where are you going? I'm running late (as usual) to biochemistry class at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.
Why ride? Nothing moves the Qi like an early morning bike ride!
Favorite ride? Riding along the beautiful boulevards in Logan Square, especially if I'm headed to the farmer's market in the summer.
While riding you...? People watch and window shop.
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? Chicago has to fill up those pot holes, especially in bike lanes! I also wish there were more off-road or wider bike lanes so I wouldn't have to fear cars and could bike side-by-side with a friend or my boyfriend.


  1. Cute outfit. Love her smile!

  2. Beautiful.

    Someone named Celeste should be riding a celeste-colored bike.