Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carron, 1400 Block of Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL

Carron rides a Lotus Silver Speed Queen Mixte
What are you wearing?
 A woolen berry, a kharki green skirt, and green jacket with gold buttons, stockings and copper shoes.
Where are you going?  To Rodan

Why ride? Its quick.
Favorite ride? I love being on the free road, nothing like cycling up a mountain and coming down the other side. But Chicago is mostly flat so I suffice riding down to Hyde Park and back.
I recommend cycling holidays, its the best way to travel and you really see a city, countryside etc. France is good for people starting out for the more leisurely rides and then when you've grasped the mountains I would head to Spain or Scotland. I cycled coast to coast in Britain, from Morcombe to Scarborough one summer which was a glorious ride. We went at a leisurely pace and did it in ten days.
While riding you …?
I love to cycle through the loop free handed, its so liberating!

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly?
Fill in the pot holes, they are super dangerous for us cyclists making us wiggle into oncoming traffic. More cycle lanes and in the U.K. they have an area at the front of the traffic at lights so vehicles can see all the cyclists. It might make drivers annoyed but it would make them more aware.

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