Friday, June 10, 2011

Maureen and Gus, N Milwaukee Ave & W Bloomingdale Ave, Chicago, IL

Where are you going?  Uprise and then to the thrift...summer clothes shopping.
Tell me about your bikes:  Gus's bike is an 80's aluminum and steel raleigh racer, a friend gave it to us. Maureen rides a Raleigh Cruiser, purchased at working bikes.
Why Ride?  I commute to work everyday on my bike, Gus rides often. We don't have a car so all our errands are taken care of on our bikes. Plus just riding for fun...
Bike riding is faster, cheaper and way more fun, plus the fuel is milkshakes and hamburgers.
Favorite ride?  We love Milwaukee Ave...for commuting. The Lakeshore is really fun too.
While riding... we yell directions back and forth a lot, check folks out... It's a really nice part of our life together.
*****  We usually wear helmets

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