Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Ben, Thomas and Hoyne, Chicago, IL

Ben rides a Surly Long Haul Trucker Road Bike
Ben Says: "I purchased my Surly from a small bike shop in Port Townsend Washington, originally, to ride from Anchorage, Alaska to Mexico. I only got as far as Portland, but fell in love with the bike.  I still use it for long-distance touring, but it doubles as a great winter bike. I got rid of my car 4 years ago. I ride Pretty much everywhere, all the time – in Chicago and around my office in Lombard.   I love winter riding."


  1. so, I have to ask ... hidden ankle strap, rolled down cuff that is normally rolled up when riding or mutant pair of jeans with intelligent denim that stays out of the way of the drivetrain?

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the third option.

  2. hmm, The straight legged cut is fairly good at staying out of your drive train . Does that count as mutant? ; )

  3. oh, I thought so, but my straight cuts get tangled up from time to time ... not as bad as looser fit jeans which can even get snagged on a bottle cage but still a minor annoyance. I tend to just ride with the jeans tucked into boots as with most the other road bikers on your blog.

    I just have cuffs on the brain after looking at the Dispatch rider pants on Nonetheless and its claim of "Anti Sprocket Leg Openings"

  4. I rock the skinny jeans, but it's a hard look for guys born before 1986 with greater than a 22 inch waist ;) Anti Sprocket Leg Openings sound radical.