Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mia, 1900 block of W Division St, Chicago, IL

Mia rides a Bianchi Pista Via Brera in cream from Boulevard Bikes

Tell me more about your bike, and where you got it? My Bike is a Bianchi/ Pista via brera in cream. I bought it this past spring at Boulevard Bikes in Logan Square. I walked in there looking for a basket and came out with a new bike. the guys there are super friendly and are really good sellers!
What are you wearing? I'm wearing a necklace by Pound Jewelry, coat from Zara, sweatshirt from Target, leggings, and Steve Madden flats.
Where are you going?  I am on my way to get smoothies with the singer from Frances with Wolves, a band i like from St. Louis.
Why ride? Riding puts a smile on my face, its environmentally friendly, and its a good way to explore the city. Not to mention my bike is fucking awesome!
Favorite ride? My favorite ride consists of moonlight, freshly paved road, laughter, and good company (usually my boyfriend, unless if he is yelling at a driver for something I did not see).
While riding you …? While riding I find inspiration from the people and things I see for my art and films.
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? more bike lanes and mutual respect for all of those who are commuting would be a good start.


  1. " ..... its a good way to explore the city. Not to mention my bike is fucking awesome!"

    :D You're right ... awesome bike in a very appealing colour too!

    Ps: I just love this blog!! ;)

  2. "Why ride? . . .my bike is fucking awesome!"

    I like her.

  3. Thanks for checking out and liking the blog!

  4. What a perfectly perfect coat! Also fucking awesome! I want it NOW. The bike, too.

  5. I know, I love the coat. I think its still available at Zara!

  6. That is how a close friend of mine felt when she was told of her double joy. I am very sure we all can react differently to these situations