Monday, September 19, 2011

Kaye, W Armitage Ave & North Point St, Chicago, IL

Kaye rides a Schwinn step-through from craigslist

What are you wearing? Teal dress from Target, sweater and belt from sweater swap with girlfriends, Tom's gray slip-ons, and of course my trusty gray helmet, I never bike without it! 
Where are you going? I've just reached my destination of Twisted Scissors to get my haircut by the fabulous Jamie! 
Why ride? Bike riding gives you the flexibility to go anywhere in the city and to do so in a very environmentally friendly way. I do not own a car so bike riding is my main mode of transportation.  I also feel like you get to experience the city in a whole new way. 
What is your favorite ride? My favorite ride this summer was with a group of great friends on a Bakery Bike Crawl.  Basically we get a route and map and stop at bakeries along the way.  This summer we went from Logan to Evanston up the North Shore Channel Trail My favorite ride ever was riding along the streets of Amsterdam- such a bike friendly city! 
While riding you...? Have a lot of time to think if the traffic is slow.  If it's busy I am constantly on the defensive, another reason to always wear a helmet. 
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? I think continuing to educate the public that bikes are a great way to get around the city and also that we have a right to be on the road.  Chicago is a very bike friendly city, but creating more bike lanes and filling in pot holes would be appreciated.


  1. Why, oh why do you provide street names? I live 800 miles away, so Chicago street names mean nothing to me. But for any creeper/stalker/rapist that lives in or near Chicago you are showing him exactly where to find these girls.

  2. Well, Chicago is a city of 3 million people. I could wait on the corner of W Armitage Ave & North Point St for the next month, and never run into Kaye again. The street name is just where I ran into each person randomly, not where they work or live, so I am confident it is safe to post.