Friday, March 30, 2012

Morgan, N Milwaukee Ave & N Ashland Ave, Chicago, IL

A prior tennant left the GT Outpost mountain bike that Morgan rides. 

What are you wearing?  A tan wool sweater with bow collar from American Apparel's vintage selection, jeans, and my secondhand store boots I got for 8 dollars (!!)
Tell me about your bike, and where you got it?  My bike is a green GT Outpost that I was lucky enough to inherit from the last girl who lived in my apartment, since my last bike got stolen in DC
Where are you going?  I am heading back home from the grocery store.
Why ride?  Especially when I have things to carry, I would much rather bike somewhere than walk.  And it's a great way to see more of the city on my own terms.
Favorite ride?   I haven't been out much because I've only been in Chicago for a month. But so far, my favorite ride is just exploring my new neighborhood and getting to know it as much as I can.
While riding you …?  ... like to be safe!  City biking makes me a little nervous, especially when the curbs are almost as high as my knees like some places in Chicago I've seen.  Next thing on my wish list is a good (and cute?) helmet.
How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly?  I lived in Munich last summer and the BEST thing for bikers there were the bike lanes. They had them on roads or to one side of sidewalks, and people followed them!  They were also pretty strict about bikers following the same rules as cars, like stopping for red lights and staying in lanes - and cars had to do the same and watch out for bikers as well.
And other cool, funny tips or stories?  When you lock your bike, leave it in a semi-public place.  Most regular locks are pretty easy to break with a hammer, and if nobody is there to see it, it's even easier!  I know because my bike got stolen from a basement parking garage while locked up, and I had to break my current bike's lock because the last owner couldn't remember the code.  That's enough breaking of locks for my lifetime, thank you very much. On to those crazy U-locks for me!


  1. So cute and so pretty!

  2. Hi Martha-
    I've decided to ride my bike everywhere in Chicago and never use the car if possible. I also thought it would be fun to start a Chicago bike fashion blog - but I see you already have!!! So I'll just follow yours! Here's a bike fashion link from the NYT for you in case you haven't seen:

  3. Thanks for the link EK! I actually read that one on a flight. Hopefully I'll catch you on the street looking stylish sometime!