Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Martha, S State St & W Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL

Photo: Nicole Radja 

Chicago in the spring can be challenging (though it has been unseasonably warm).  This season brings the weather man's credibility to the level of the psychics and tea-leaf readers.  Case in point: I was planning to post this today because it was supposed to be rainy, but now it says clear skies the whole the day (not that I am complaining).

My ABSOLUTE least favorite weather condition is rain, specifically cold rain, and I have been looking for ways to cheer myself up while riding in it other than my normal use of positive self deception (i.e. the rain make my skin look fresh and dewy, or rain water does wonders for my hair).  
My quest has been to find the the perfect rain trench because hopping on my bike, wearing a bright rain coat, is a perfect antidote to rainy day doldrums. I was thrilled when I found this Happy Rainy Days trench  on the site Cycle Style. (thanks Mary for the Christmas gift!).  I also love my Saltwater sandals which are built to withstand any amount of water. I just found out that the Happy Rainy Day brand has United States distribution on the site Hip in the Rain, so check it out.  
I pretty much want everything on the Cycle style site (bike wine rack, why not!)

 ~ Happy riding everyone!


  1. Looking Lovely in your bright red trench Martha! I especially love your sandals I had no idea such a wonderful type of footwear existed. I am so getting a pair! I just wanted to put in a little note to ladies searching for that perfect rain coat, another option is the Cambridge Raincoat. It's got a lot of the same features as the one Martha is sporting and is also long enough to cover your lap. Enjoy the Spring rain everyone! -April

  2. wow! this entire site is so fun. bikes are big in portland too, but i don't think we are nearly this stylish. love!


  3. Portland Sunshine, you'd be surprised what you find once you start looking!

  4. the local pbs started showing anne of green gables mini series from the mid '80's and i was reminded of lovely red braided haired you. keep up the good work.

  5. I'm a secret Anne of Green Gables superfan! Glad to channel such a great character.

  6. haha i'm a big fan now, too. feels like a guilty pleasure somehow though. i was worried you may not be a fan, perhaps you got a lot of teasing about it in grade school or something but i guess not.