Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sarah, Willow and Halsted, Chicago, IL

Sarah rides IRO Phoenix three speed with parts from Ciclo Urbano on Division. 

Sarah is wearing a Faux Leather jacket from Forever 21, a Sparkle and Fade sweater tunic and Mission Workshop backpack.

Where are you headed?  I'm meeting a friend for lunch.
Why Ride?  It saves money, time, and is simply better than public transportation and a car. why not ride?
What is your favorite ride?  Every ride is enjoyable, except when the weather is cold and rainy.
While riding you?  I try to avoid impatient drivers . . . and nasty potholes. 


  1. i've been trying to work up the nerve to ride my bike around chicago for months now (the crazy drivers intimidate me!), but now i have new motivation: i really, really want to end up on bike fancy! and can't do that without being ON a bike!

  2. True, you must be on a bike to be on Bike Fancy ; )
    -There are tons of resources to help new cyclists out there. Check out Active Trans' safety page: http://www.activetrans.org/commute/tricks-tips/safety
    -Also, depending on your neighborhood, I'm sure I can find you a bike friend that will ride with you on your first trip. We have a great network of ladies that cycle! Let me know mafaw1@gmail.com

  3. Very cool shot, I'd love to check out chicago ... looks like fun!

  4. Chicago is a great city! If you visit, I can give you lots of recommendations of places to check out. For biking, consuming, imbibing, and other activities : )