Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lindsay, 1600 Block of N. Damen, Chicago, IL

Lindsay rides a Cranberry colored Schwinn Suburban she bought at a garage sale for $15.
What are you wearing? I got my super soft pink puffy coat in Malaysia this winter from Uniqlo... on sale of course because it was like 100 degrees there! My hat is from a thrift store in Tokyo and my boots are Campers from City soles, right across the street! 

Where are you going? To Lululemon for some yoga clothes (early Bday present to myself). Damn them for having so much cute stuff! 
Why ride? I ride my bike to work almost every day (not in the snow) and although I have a car, I much prefer biking. Riding makes me feel so much better.  I am always in a good mood on my bike and I love that usually I beat the traffic! 
Favorite ride? Along the lake of course, I also love the Green Bay Trail up north, and riding through Fort Sheridan down to the beach.

How can Chicago improve bike infrastructure or make Chicago more bike friendly? More bike lanes of course, I wish Chicago ave had a bike lane because there isn't a great path going East from Wicker Park.

*** Thanks for the tips Lindsay.  I'm definitely going to try the Green Bay, and Fort Sheridan trail this spring!


  1. I love this coat she is wearing. Excellent bike too!

  2. As a Highland Park native---there are tons of great restaurants by Ft. Sheridan! Or you could take your bike and get off at Lake Forest and bike south down green bay trail--detour in ft. sheridan--and hop back on in highland park. it will take you past Homer's ice cream if you keep going south....